Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hello, Interweb:
Though many may say I am a stranger to you, I must disagree, though I understand their logic. I have no myspace, no facebook, and no previous blog to speak of. I am a relatively recent, and admittedly sporadic member of the flickr community, I do not forward chain emails, regardless what is promised or threatened in said email for me doing so, and I am horrible at responding to emails of content from people I know.

So, who does that make me? I'm young, so apparently I'm in the minority here. Yet I don't feel that I'm really that abnormal, and certainly not completely dethatched from society, or my peers, because of it.

"But,"I say, "I am not stranger. " No, I have been here for a while, meeting and losing friends and loves, and being an observer of others through their own blogs.

That might even be a reason for my decision to start a blog. I'll admit that it is one I have pondered from time to time, but within the past day or two a blog that I was a long-time reader and lurker of stopped. The blogger, for her personal reasons, decided to post no more. If you're not sure what about that spurred me to start my own blog, well, don't feel lost.

Whatever the reason, I am here. I am not sure why I have decided to chronicle my life on this machine, to document my random thoughts and experiences, from mundane to insane on this blog, but I have, and whatever the advent of this blog brings to me, I'll accept.

I do not know who will be reading this or why. I'm not expecting it for it to become a "big thing", which is sort of how I would classify the blog I spoke of earlier, but I guess we'll see.

And, so, I guess it's time to start seeing.