Friday, March 7, 2008


It's a little late, but I really need to vent about this season's Project Runway finale that aired Wednesday night.

When Christian won this season's fan favorite I was shocked. Everyone that I know who watches the show thinks that he's an annoying, cocky, arrogant, catty bitch. Still, I understand that the majority of the world will not always be in agreement with me, so I tried to see the people who liked the drama and diva quality he brought to the show. He won fan favorite, and that was that.

The other night, after viewing the thee finalists' collections, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Rami had broken away from his draping, and created a line of exquisitely crafted outfits. The weaving on the dresses, as Heidi pointed out, was gorgeous, the detail and silhouettes were top-notch. Even the colors, which Michael Kors questioned, I found to be nice. He used both strong, classic colors and neutrals with the bold jewel tones that have so popular lately, and I feel that the whole collection was fluid and truly excellent.

I also liked Jillian's line, which had no real focus, but was an eclectic mix of of timeless and daring, and undeniably feminine pieces. The silhouettes were lovely, and the materials were, especially the knits, were well chose. Unfortunately, the lack of a concrete focus and flow within the collection she designed, made it fall short of the rest.

Christian's collection thoroughly confused me. I'd like to call it boring, but the feather covered and poufy tutu dresses were interesting, even if they were hideously tacky, yet I can't really call it innovative and original, since the about 8 of the 10 remaining looks all involved black skinny pants. Completely unoriginal. Victoria Beckham, the guest judge, said that she would wear any one of those pieces, but I have a feeling that she is the only creature (I'm not really sure the term 'human' applies to Posh) that would be caught dead in one of his outrageous designs. Even if the looks weren't so hideous, the majority of the women in the world couldn't wear them, since they seemed to be designed with one body type in mind: that of a young waifish model. So, even if Victoria would wear his pieces, I don't think she'd be able to squeeze her boobs into it. The color palette was bland, he really used only neutrals, which, while intended to add drama, left me feeling cold.

Throughout the competition Christian's looks have been consistently strong and marketable, but he completely threw this out the window at Fashion Week. Not only that, but I just felt that his collection was completely ridiculous.

When Heidi announced that was the winner, and bid Rami "Auf Wiedersehen" I was in shock. And then, with simple words, she destroyed my faith in her fashion sense and my love of her adorable German accent. She told Christian that he was "Über-Fierce."

Oh, well. I mean, I'm pissed that Christian won, and temporarily put-off by Heidi's comment and decision, but that isn't gonna stop me from trying to win her red Oscar night dress.